Bodhimind Reiki 1

Private Student Course
in Living Compassion

with Kerrie Redgate

Reiki 1 Course

The First of 3 Progressive Levels from
the Original Buddhist Perspective

just for you!

weekdays or weekends

Avoid group participation for now
Same Course—Hours to suit you

The Course

No experience with any healing modalities is required
for this Level One Course, which is open to all individuals

This level, as the foundation for all of the Reiki courses, permanently opens the practitioner to receive the clearest quality of Spiritual Essence (Life Force Energy/Consciousness) available to us in the Universe.

Level One Reiki balances the Root or ‘Secret Place’ chakra  and Crown or ‘Great Bliss’ chakra (as Crown & Third-Eye together) safely to allow a higher current of ‘Heaven’s Force’ (as referred to in TCM—Traditional Chinese Medicine) to enter the Crown and be distributed via the Heart chakra.

All of the other chakras are aligned in this process. The hands are also attuned to allow the transmission of this healing energy to others, and its redirection back into the self to rebalance mind and body.

What we are talking about here is unblocking the flow of the current in the human nervous system that absorbs and redistributes both the energy pouring in to us via the Earth’s electro-magnetic field above us and the energy we absorb from the Earth beneath us, in the same way that plants have both roots and leaves.

Course e-Book Topics

  • The Four Immeasurables — meditative prayer
  • The Five Buddhist Precepts
  • Usui’s Daily ‘Concepts’
  • The True Origins of Reiki
  • Reiki and the Medicine Buddha Mystery
  • Reiki As Initiation
  • Buddhist Deities Traditionally Invoked in Reiki (overview)
  • The Buddhist Mandala
  • Difference Between Buddhist Tantra and Hindu Tantra
  • Level One Reiki and the Chakra System
    Chakras and Subtle Bodies
    Location of the Major Chakras
    The Seven Root-Chakra Layers
    Cleansing the Chakras
  • Level One Reiki Challenges
  • Healing and Reiki
    Flower Essences & Other Vibrational Tools
    Techniques in Reiki Healing
    General Mind/Body Associations from Traditional Chinese Internal Medicine (meridians, organs & mental/emotional conditions)
  • Sacred Living
  • Preview of Level Two Reiki
  • Recommended Reading—comprehensive book list covering:
    General Inspiration
    Health & Healing from Tibet & Ancient China
    Best Reiki Books
  • Radiant Presence—prayer
  • Blessing Chant—prayer

Excerpt from Kerrie’s Reiki 1 eBook:


“In Western medicine, disease is seen to be caused by alien substances such as bacteria and viruses, with little responsibility on our part. The immune system is not understood as a state of mind. The healing systems of Asia and Persia have had greater insights into how our consciousness creates ill health and vitality.”


Yogacara Astrologer, Reiki Practitioner 1986, Reiki Teacher 1997, Award-Winning Author, Flower Essence Therapist, Vegan, Buddhist

Level 1 Course Structure

  • Consists of 2 days of tuition, Empowerments, and practice;
  • Private Single Student: Hours to suit over 2 days
    (Groups: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm AEST)
  • Includes daily two 15-minute tea breaks and an hour for lunch
  • As with all my services, all ordained members of any Buddhist sangha (monks and nuns) may attend Group Courses fee-free
  • See the Fees & Payments section, below, for details of fees, discounts, and various payment methods available

See all Reiki Courses Fees and the Kiva Loan Gift details on my
Exceptional Purpose site HERE

Payments can be made by card (credit/debit) via Stripe; or cash transfer by Osko/PayID via your bank’s website/app (include a description!)

Next Level 1 Reiki Course

Held at New Farm (Brisbane) Qld Australia

Group Classes are
Suspended for Now

To responsibly protect you from possible exposure to Covid-19 in a new group situation

Instead, you can Book a 2-day Private Reiki Course, just for you

Choose weekdays or a weekend.

You can use the Reiki Booking form, below, to request a course.

Or contact me directly↓ for more information.

Suggested Accommodation

The lovely Ellie’s Guest House :

  • A two-storey Queenslander-style premises, is just a 3-minute stroll around the corner.
  • Very affordable rates; single & double rooms, with/without ensuites;
  • Also close to Merthyr Village — our village-style shopping centre here in New Farm;
  • And a short stroll to the riverwalk at the top of the street for an early morning or evening walk.

For more information, peruse the website & rates at

A Paddle Steamboat spotted on Brisbane River 
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(New Farm is only 2.5km from the city centre)

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